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What antivirus works with windows 10

Most anti-viruses work with windows 10 now. Windows Defender is the built in anti-virus which was developed by Microsoft, they ensure it works just as well as the other anti-viruses out there. If you are dead set on getting another Antivirus, programs such as AVG, Bit Defender, Avant!, and many other anti-virus programs work with windows 10 with no issues. Many people find Windows Defender to do a very good job without any other third-party anti-virus. So why buy an anti-virus if you can just use one developed by Microsoft for free? All it takes is to enable it and you are good to go! We are going to compare Microsoft’s Windows Defender to AVG Free Anti virus.

Real time protection

Windows Defender helps you find and stop malware before it even begins installing into your computer. If there is already a virus somehow on your computer, it will remove it for you safely and make sure it is gone.

Cloud based Protection

Microsoft has cloud based protection to help make Windows Defender protect your computer against any new malicious attacks. If it can improve Windows Defender, information is sent from your computer to Microsoft so they can update Windows Defender to deal with the problem.

Sample submission

This works just like your cloud based protection, except this is where all the information is gathered about a security threat that Windows Defender can not stop and sent to Microsoft so they can help protect against it.


Exclusions are not something that can help your PC, in my opinion it is a pretty dangerous option from Windows. You can exclude files, file types, and other things from being scanned by Windows Defender. If you know that it won’t cause harm to your computer you will be fine, but in the wrong hands it could end up hurting your computer drastically.

You can enable Windows Defender from going to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Defender, then scroll to the bottom to where it says ‘Use Windows Defender’ > Click on ‘Use Windows Defender and you are ready to go!

AVG Anti Virus Free

AVG Anti Virus is a free program that allows your computer to block viruses from your computer. Since Windows Defender is free, it is only fair to match it up with another free anti virus program.

Anti Virus

AVG Anti Virus Free blocks viruses, spyware, and many other types of malicious programs for your computer.

Web Protection

This free program offers you a web-based anti-virus. It protects you from network threats while you are on the internet.

Identity Protection

Identity protection operates to protect your identity from being stolen off your computer. Also offered is a privacy protection that allows you to do as you please without being watched.

Email Protection

This nifty feature scans your incoming and outgoing emails to make sure you are safe at all times. There is also a spam filter.

So as you can see, both do have their perks while also being free. It’s mostly just preference which anti-virus you want on your Windows 10 computer.

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