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Avast Antivirus Free Download For One Year

Avast Antivirus Free Download For One YearComputer users hunting for malware protection will finally get close to AVAST ANTI VIRUS FREE DOWNLOAD FOR ONE YEAR. In this internet era people always look forward to safeguarding PCs free from malware. AVAST anti-virus always top priority list of world computer users as it provides a better platform for protection of computer.

In the year 1988, Pavel Baudis along with his colleague developed AVAST.  But it was introduced to the market only during 1991 as they registered the software as a joint- partnership firm. The growth of AVAST has witnessed ups and downs and now AVAST holds 21.4% of entire security seller market share of the world.


  • Malware detection
  • Malware prevention
  • Sustain the speed of computers during scanning process
  • AVAST home network safety scanner
  • Software updater
  • Security for DNS hijacking

The developers of AVAST always look forward to offer better malware detection and prevention. During a test conducted in AV test institute, AVAST turned out to be the most legitimate anti-virus software. Around 824,600 samples were tested out of which AVAST made only one false finding. Another best feature is that it would better enhance and try to sustain the speed of the host computer without affecting the performance. New AVAST FREE ANTIVIRUS DOWNLOAD 2015 provides some additional assistance called software updater. Software updater helps the users to analyse whether any new updates are required to already prevailing version. It provide better space it trouncing the vulnerabilities of already existing version. A hacker always tries to take advantage of weaknesses of an application. If users don’t follow updating principle then later he/she is likely to be vulnerable to renowned malware.

Another feature that AVAST provides is home security scanner. It helps in scanning your network and routers. It also accompanies the feature of warning about delicate Wi-Fi passwords or warns you if user never changed the default password that router provides. In a similar vein, Avast Antivirus comprises another feature that averts hackers from DNS take-over. DNS hijacking directs the user from genuine sites to fake site that may results in losing all the credentials. AVAST helps to great extent by securing the DNS so as to prevent the browser from hacking.


The main disadvantage is that it takes long time for scanning and fixing the virus or malware. The antivirus is often incapable of distinguishing between Trojans and viruses. Still computer experts are working on AVAST to boost and fasten performance of the software during scanning and to fix the problem much more efficiently.

The main advantage of AVAST is that it provides better security to the computer than most other anti-virus programs which is essentially why it top’s the chart as the most preferred anti-virus worldwide.  The best way to test the AVAST is to download AVAST FREE ONE YEAR TRIAL or to get it from a computer shop. (Find the download link at the bottom of the page)

With AVAST ANTIVIRUS FREE DOWNLOAD FOR ONE YEAR protect your pc from unknown external attacks and enjoy safe browsing.

You can download the avast antivirus from here

Trial link for avast one year

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