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Best 10 Internet Security 2017 : Expert’s Reviews

internet security 2017Internet security is a branch of computer security specifically related to the Internet, often involving browser security but also network security on a more general level as it applies to other applications or operating systems on a whole. Its objective is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet. The Internet represents an insecure channel for exchanging information leading to a high risk of fraud, such as phishing. This article is  detailed description of  best Internet Security 2016.

These are the software suites we recommend and personally used all these software suites. These suites perform well and we prefer personally to exactly know what you wanted before trying one among these.

Comparison Table for 5 Best Internet Security 2017

Security SuitesBitdefenderKIS-18KasperskyMcafeeG DataNorton
Editor's Rating5 star5 star2016-04-07_0009192016-04-07_0009192016-04-07_000919
Single/Multiple User Price$59.95/$79.95NA/$79.99$39.99$39.95/$30$39.95/$79.95
Discount Link:(3 Devices) More than 30%(3 Devices) More than 30%(Unlimited Pcs) More than 30%N/A Buy(5 Devices) More than 30%
Trial6 Months1 Months6 MonthsN/AN/A
Mail ProtectionCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg
Safe BrowsingCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg
IM ProtectionCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg
Social Network ProtectionCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg
Bootable Rescue CDCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg
Automatic USB ScansCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgcheck-mark-163433_960_720
Parental ControlsCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgcheck-mark-163433_960_720
Game ModeCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg
Password ManagerCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgcheck-mark-163433_960_720Check_mark_23x20_04.svgcheck-mark-163433_960_720Check_mark_23x20_04.svg
File ShredderCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgcheck-mark-163433_960_720Check_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svgcheck-mark-163433_960_720
Online Backupcheck-mark-163433_960_720check-mark-163433_960_720check-mark-163433_960_720Check_mark_23x20_04.svgCheck_mark_23x20_04.svg

Top 10 Internet Security Suite List with Their Details

 #1 Bitdefender Internet Security 2017

Bitdefender Internet Security is the best internet security suite because it wins performance competitions and because of its feature list.Cloud anti spam reduces email spam attacks.Parental controls provide you with considerable methods to maintain children’s safety.The included firewall does not earn high marks in independent tests. However, you don’t have to use it because Bitdefender can work with the Windows firewall, which has evolved from its humble origins into an effective two-way firewall. Bitdefender’s 24/7 customer support is yet another way in which Bitdefender asserts leadership in a hotly contested market.

  • Pros
    Bitdefender Internet Security dominates performance and usability test results at independent software testing labs.

  • Cons
    The included proprietary two-way firewall is not as effective as the antivirus engine. However, you can use the Windows firewall instead.

Overall Rating: 9.57

Price: $99.95
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Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above.

Won Gold Award by PCMag in –

2014 2015 2016

#2 Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky protects computers in real time against malware. It provides safety from identity theft and phishing.It also secures online financial transactions. Since the software updates itself often, the updates are small and don’t slow down your computer. Kaspersky Internet Security has proven its effectiveness repeatedly in independent software evaluations. Tests conducted by AV-Test in the spring of 2014 showed the software to be 100 percent effective against all threats.Therefore, we can endorse this security suite as a means to protect your home computer and keep it running smoothly.


  • Kaspersky includes webcam protections and Wi-Fi security notifications.
  • Cons
    A file shredder is not included.

Overall Rating:  9.43

Price: $54.99

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above.

[Video] Comparison between Top 2

#3 McAfee Internet Security 2017

McAfee ranks high on our list of the top 10 internet security suites. Malware detection rates are among the best in class.Features includes antiphishing, a firewall, password management, parental controls and a file shredder.Because of its strong performance and extensive features, we recommend this powerful software for those who don’t need online backup features.


  • McAfee AntiVirus aces performance tests at independent software labs.

  • Cons
    Online backup is not an included feature.

Overall Rating: 9.35

Price:  $85.92

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above.

#4 G Data Internet Security

G Data does well in our internet security ranking. It is among the list of 10 best internet security 2017 brands because of performance and features.However, some of its competitors sport a few more features. For example G Data Internet Security does not automatically scan removable media and doesn’t include a password manager.However, one benefit that is important to everyone is that you can reach G Data support technicians 24/7, which is better access than some of G Data’s competitors.

  • Pros
    G Data Internet Security matches the highest independent test scores for rates of protection and accuracy of threat detection.

  • Cons
    It does not have a password manager.

Overall Rating: 8.82

Price: $30,oo

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above.

#5 Norton Internet Security with Backup

Norton Security with Backup protects up to five devices with one license that you manage from an online account.At tests conducted at independent software labs, this suite achieved perfect protection and usability scores at the expense of minimal impact on system performance, which is why we include it in our review of best security software products.By replacing multiple products with only slight differentiation at the feature level, Norton Security with Backup provides end users with much more protection than typical internet security suites provide.

  • Pros
    A single Norton Security license protects up to five devices.

  • Cons
    In independent tests, Norton slowed host computers an average of four seconds – one second longer than the average.

Overall Rating: 8.77

Price: $59.99

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above and for Mac-users it is available for 10.8 Mountain Lion or later.

#6 Trend Micro Internet Security 10

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security ranks high in our internet security reviews.Its ability to detect all sorts of malware arriving from multiple attack vectors is exceptional.Its draw on the system resources of your computer is lighter than the industry average.

  • Pros
    Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security includes superior parental controls and protection from social networks.

  • Cons
    This particular suite does not have Wi-Fi network authentication although the vendor offers a version that does.

Overall Rating: 8.75


Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above

#7 BullGuard Internet Security

Unless you want your password manager and file shredder utilities to be integrated with your internet security suite, BullGuard Internet Security is a great program to consider.It ranks near the top in terms of protection, performance and usability.It includes an extensive feature list. Few of its competitors can match its commitment to help and support.

  • Pros
    BullGuard comes with 5 GB of online backup storage.

  • Cons
    It does not include a password manager.

Overall Rating: 8.73
Price: $29.95
Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above

#8 eScan Internet Security Suite 11

eScan Internet Security Suite is powerful protection software with useful features.It doesn’t have a file shredder, a feature that some of its competitors have.However 24/7 online chat for help and support is more access than most competitors offer.When that access is added to a program that catches more threats to your computer than the industry average, you get a program worth considering for internet protection.

  • Pros
    Access to support is available via live chat 24/7.
  • Cons
    The feature list does not include a file shredder.

Overall Rating: 8.70

Price: $26.98

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above and for Mac-users (10.6 Snow Leopard or later).

#9 F-Secure Internet Security

If the feature set coincides with what you would like to have in an internet security suite, F-Secure is an unusually good product because it is so effective at detecting and stopping malware.It works against known malware. And it works against brand new threats by observing the behaviors of suspected files to see if they resemble the behaviors of malicious files.Competing products might have a few more features than F-Secure Internet Security, but no competitor is better at protecting against malware.

  • Pros
    It is second to none at detecting security threats.

    It lacks a few features such as online backup, password manager and file shredder.

Overall Rating: 8.63

Price: $29.99

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above

# 10 Avira Internet Security Suite

Avira Internet Security Suite is better than half of the competitors in our product review when you consider its ability to stop attacks and to tread lightly on the computers it is installed on.It doesn’t include some of the features associated with the internet security suite product category.A slight hurdle to consider, at least for American users, is that telephone calls for help and support are long distance to Europe if you cannot resolve problems via email.

  • Pros
    Avira Internet Security achieved a perfect score in rigorous protection tests conducted by one of the most respected software test labs.

  • Cons
    Telephone support requires calling long-distance to Europe.

Overall Rating: 8.55

Price: $22.50

Supported Configurations: Windows 8 & Above

Note: All these security suites are available for free with a particular trial period except F-secure.


  • Why to use a Best Internet Security software Suite?

To avoid viruses, as well as online threats – including hackers, spyware, spam and identity theft – it’s essential that you have a security package installed. Most broadband providers offer free security as part of their packages, but you may sometimes have to pay extra – so check before signing up.

Alternatively, you can purchase software from specialist developers such as Bitdefender, McAfee, Norton,etc.  Some anti-virus and spyware protection is available to download free of charge. Always make sure you’re fully covered and ensure your package is always kept up to date.


  • What to look for in a Best Internet Suite security 2017 before buying it?

  • Is it easy to update?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Is it easy to see any problems?
  • Does the software notify you if the update could not be completed?
  • Are updates made available on a daily basis?
  • This is the basis for establishing what to look for in Internet security software.
  • Check that your security software constantly monitors Internet traffic and stops you from accidentally launching malware or following links to phishing Web sites.

Best free Internet Security Software for Slower PC’s

Those who are using slow pc can find best alternatives for their system. Every Anti-Virus when set into perfect settings can handle problems even in Slower PC’s, but consistently we see people saying that, even-though they set their preferences in a right way, they could find their PC’s slowing down. So, we personally recommend Software Suites like for slower PC’s based on their Performance in the AV-Test.

  1. Bit-Defender Internet Security.
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security.
  3. McAfee Internet Security. 
  4. Avira Internet security Suite. (Get with avira internet security 2017 key)

Among the above-mentioned software list, the best software that has scored 10/10 is Kaspersky in terms of Performance. So, for slow pc’s we strongly recommend Kaspersky Internet Security.

An internet security suite might be just right for you because it will have a few more features than its entry-level antivirus software sibling, and those few extra features might go a long way toward conveniently enhancing your security. Focus on performance, however, before you consider feature lists. And if you ignore help and support details, you might just regret it when your system succumbs to a malware infection on a Friday night and you can’t reach the software publisher until Monday morning.

So, What do you think is the best antivirus that suits your requirement? Please let me in the comments below!


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