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Best Online Privacy Software Review for Your Computer!

Surfing on the web has become compulsory to millions of people across the globe. When one is surfing the web, the computer stores a lot of data about where the user have been on the internet including what the user has been doing and what information the user has entered while surfing. These data and information will build up on the computer over-time. If someone else get access to the same computer, it is easy for them to access your personal data and information that could cost you serious problems.

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There are things that need high-level of online privacy software programs while surfing the internet. Information like bank account, credit card, social security numbers and passwords needs a lot of privacy because they are likely to be accessed by hackers.

Why it is important protecting your privacy online

To avoid the serious problems that can be caused by these kinds of hackers, you need to remove all information on the computer so that it does not pile up and cause you problems. This piece of article gives you the Top 5 Online Privacy Software Review for Safe Internet Surfing to help you deal with curb the risk of hackers.

Ways to computer privacy

Today, there are countless great privacy software programs that can not only protect you from hackers but also phishers, spammers, corporate espionage, identity thieves, human rights violation, oppressive governments and any sort of cyber bullying.  As old privacy software programs get outdated, new and better online privacy software programs are released. But this articles aim at guiding you to top five best value privacy software programs that are currently available on the internet. However, each of the software programs mentioned below might be helpful but a smart combination of some can increase the level of privacy significantly.

  1. Antivirus privacy software programs

With some privacy software packages, just removing data and information from the computer is not just enough. Computer virus can collect and transmit your data like digital fire hazard. To curb the problem of computer viruses, use best Antivirus programs for pc like;

  • McAfee,
  • Avira, AVG,
  • Norton
  • Kaspersky to mention just but a few.
  1. E-mail Privacy Software programs

Often, E-mail is notoriously one of the unprotected forms of online communication. Email Privacy software can collect and analyze plain Emails. The Privacy software can also analyze oppressive governments, hackers, and identity thieves from getting contents of your email. Some of the common E-mail privacy software for email encryption includes;

  • Hushmail, which encrypts email and also protects emails from all sort of online searches.
  • PSG, which protects the security of your emails.
  1. Encryption

Encrypting some of the vital files on your laptop or computer might need great privacy software to it for you. You might need protect you business data from competitors or just keep your vital files like taxation information, banking information or any information that you don’t compromise, get lost or stolen. Below are some of the best online privacy software programs for encryption.

  • TrueCrpt
  • KeyScrambler Personal
  • GnuPG
  1. Internet Privacy

Internet itself needs privacy. Your IP address reveals a lot about you and your location, and this can be used to identify your personality. You can also be tracked on the internet and what you are doing can be revealed elsewhere even after sing other software to delete your surfing history. Furthermore, oppressive governments can ask for your ISP to know here you have been on the internet. To avoid all these from happening, you can turn you surfing in privacy with anonymous browsing tools like;

  • Identity cooker
  • DropBox
  • Proxify
  • Cryptohippie
  • Tor
  1. Password privacy software program

However much you can secure your encryption, network, computer habits or anti-virus, the most important thing to secure is your password. Passwords used to be too hard to crack, but with the increasing computing power, it has become easy to break passwords. In most cases, passwords are tough to crack but possible to crack. However, there are passwords generators that help you keep track or several passwords but make them more complex thus preventing brute force attacks. Some of the password management online privacy software programs include RoboForm and KeePass.

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