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Bypassing the School’s Firewall: An easy Guide

Many of us often use our School’s or office Computer to access different websites. Let it be a place for games or just a social network website. But when does the moment of frustration arise? You guessed it, the moment while the website you are trying to access is blocked by the annoying Firewall White list the Admin adapted. Since we are using the pc as guest you cant turn off the windows firewall by yourself.

bypass school firewall

But is it true that the boundaries of your exploration are limited just by some small piece of service named Firewall? The answer is NO!

In this article, we will discuss about some of the ways to bypass firewalls often adopted by schools and IT departments.

3 Ways to Bypass School or Office Firewall

  • Method 1: Use Proxy for By passing School Firewall

Using proxies are so far the most commonly used way of bypassing the Firewall in many cases. Proxies can help you not only bypass the Firewall but stay anonymous in the whole vast World-Wide-Web. All you have to do is visit a good and trusty website that provides a Proxy Service for free. Do note that you can also use a paid proxy service for added anonymity. But for now, we will stick to the free ones.

STEP 1: Visit this site, it is my personal favorite so far and I think it is the best service available for free out there at the moment.

STEP 2: Enter the URL of the blocked website (as per your school’s firewall) you want to visit in the required field.

STEP 3: choose whether to allow Cookies, Remove Scripts, etc. I would recommend keeping these as they are.

STEP 4: Click the ‘Browse’ button and you are ready to go.

This method should work at all times except when the Firewall system is too good and is set to block the proxy websites too. What you can do is find another such website which is not in the Firewall Filters.

  • Method 2: Use TOR Browser and Bypass School firewall

If you are unable to find any Proxy websites not blocked by the Firewall, then TOR Browser is your way out. It routes your connection through the TOR Network which keeps you safe while you browse the web as well as lets you bypass the Firewall.

STEP 1: GOTO Tor website and select your Operating System and start downloading the SETUP.

STEP 2: Hit the ‘Download’ button and wait for the setup to finish the download.

STEP 3: Install the setup you just downloaded.

The most interesting thing about this browser is that it is pre-configured to use proxies at the user’s command. However, if you want to realize the full potential of the anonymity TOR provides, you must go through the its important precautions.

  • Method 3: Use a different Network to bypass a firewall

Imagine this scenario; you are going through a road to reach a destination. But all of a sudden you see some trees which has fallen on the road and blocking it.

So what do you do in such a situation? The answer is obvious; you take a different route to reach the same destination. Now let’s take this imagination into our Firewall thing. Imagine the trees as your Firewall and the destination as your desired website and your road as the Network you are connected to.

Now taking a different route obviously means connecting to a different network where no firewall is activated. You can do this by making your cell phone as a hotspot and make the PC connect to it.

STEP 1: Turn on your Mobile Data and the Tethering option in your smartphone. You can find a detailed guide about making your smartphone act as a hotspot.

STEP 2: Connect to the Network hosted by your smartphone and enjoy the freedom!!


NOTE:- If you are turning on Wi-Fi hotspot in your mobile, then make sure the computer has a wireless network adapter installed in it or else, u may develop a wired bridge between the computer and the smartphone by connecting an USB cable to it and turning on the USB tethering option instead of Wi-Fi tethering option.

So that was all, folks. The ways mentioned above are the easiest ways to be able to bypass the Firewall. Though they should work in most cases, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the above steps will work for sure.

Things To Note:

Still, there are some things you should be aware of when you are using a school’s computer.

  • Your Teachers might be tracking your activities so whenever you are trying to do something notorious, he/she will know every piece of work you do.
  • Whenever you are trying to visit the Proxy websites, be sure the remove all the history, cache etc. before getting off the chair. These records are stored in the computer and if someone checks them, who knows what trouble you might have to face.

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