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Why Is My Download Speed So Slow? Check Here.

If you have question like what is my download speed then read this post. Internet services have today reached almost every home with a computer. It has taken the place that the telephone used to have 10 years ago.

The speed of the Internet connection has also gained importance in today’s day. Gone are the days when people used to treat the Internet as a bulletin board service. Today the trend has become to shift everything online – be it teleconferencing; playing games; watching videos on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion; backing up files online, or even watching a live cricket match through Internet streaming.

Why is my download speed so slow? Check Below.

Speed of the Internet connection you’re on is determined in bits transferred per second as the official unit (the ‘geeky’ unit you’d find in textbooks). In reality, this unit is very small – each letter of each word you find on this page is a byte, or 8 bits. So bigger units are taken – kilobits (1,024 bits), megabits (1,048,576 bits), or even gigabits (1,073,741,824 bits) per second. These are indicated as Kbps, Mbps, or Gbps respectively. Note that if you’re downloading a file, then the speed is given in KB/sec, MB/sec, or GB/sec respectively, then you have to divide these figures by 8, that is 4 Mbps = 0.5 MB/sec = 512 KB/sec = 4096 Kbps.

Another concept you may find is that of ping. Ping is the time a packet of data takes to go to the server and back, measured in milliseconds. A ping of or under 100 ms is desirable, but may not be possible always, especially if you’re connected to a far-off server.

After boring you with this lengthy tutorial, let’s get to the fun part. So your ISP says you’ve got an 8 Mbps connection? These tools will help you verify that. After all, you pay a lot of money to your ISP every month for your connection, and every penny counts, right?

  • Speedtest. net

From Ookla, this is one of the most popular tools for testing Internet speeds. Visit, select from one of the onscreen dots that represent cities, the one closest to you (it’s usually indicated), or click on “BEGIN TEST to let it automatically select based on lowest ping values. It first tests the ping to the server, and then the download and upload speed. The download speed is indicated in Mbps. Test multiple times to confirm your speed.

what is my download speed

While this tool gives you a constant account throughout the test of what speed you’re getting, its downside is that it requires Java and Flash Player to be installed on your system.

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The next tool uses only your web browser, but gives you the results only at the end of the test:

  • Testmy. net
    why is my download speed so slow

This tool downloads random data to your web browser to test your speed. Visit, and click on “Test My Internet” in the right hand side, and then on “Download Test”. Beginning with a 256 KB file size, it forwards you to larger file sizes until you take at least 7 seconds to complete the download. Then it shows you the results.  Note that if you select “Combined”, then it’ll test your download speed first, then your upload speed. Then it’ll show you the combined results of both tests. Hope you have found answer to your why is my download speed so slow or what is my download speed question.

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