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Increase Your Dropbox Space Free [ 5 GB to 50 GB ]

Dropbox free space

With a few simple steps and a little setting editing you can have a lot more Dropbox free space on your account without needing to delete or alter major file. There are a few steps and way to do the same from 5 GB to all the way to 50 GB.

4 Ways to Get More Dropbox free Space

Just follow one of these steps and increase free dropbox space.

Method 1

  • Firstly get rid of all the data from Dropbox and uninstall it.
  • Click the link below to install the application, do not press open when it completes, press done
  • Extract the zip file from the link after downloading
  • Restart the device and log into Dropbox with your account
  • Check your Email, there would be a message about 50 GB space in your Dropbox file, follow the procedure by clicking on that link, enjoy

Method 2

  • You can get space through Google Ad words
  • If you have a Godaddy or Dreamhost account they offer free credit of Ad words
  • Use the credits and create a Google ad with keywords such as free storage, online backup, Dropbox free space
  • You can put in a cost per click ad to get better return but you will have to wait longer
  • Use these credits in the Dropbox account to get more space

Method 3

  • By clicking the “Get Started” tab you can earn 250 MB space
  • Link up all your social media accounts to Dropbox, this can get you up to 800 MB space
  • By the way of referring friends you can gain additional 250 MB for every referral
  • Share the reference link you got on Facebook or Twitter
  • Try linking a .edu account to your profile
  • Participate in any Dropbox events if they are conducted

Method 4

  • Make sure both your device and computer are on, the files shared will be stored on either of the above
  • Download Bit Torrent Sync and assign the Dropbox folder as my syncing folder
  • Bit Torrent syncs unlimited files to Dropbox account, hence any kind of alteration to one device will automatically entail the other device to do the same
  • Thus when one logs onto the computer he can access the Dropbox file with unlimited storage without having the restriction of having limited storage

Hence with the help of a few hacks and a little bit of your account settings and customization you can create more Dropbox space free in your  account free of cost.

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