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How to Meet Kik Messenger Users

No doubt kik messenger is now top of the topic in social messenger fields. Though some do not know about the app but that day is not so far that Kik will become as popular as facebook. One of the most common question arise in kik users head is that how do i find kik messenger users? Though the process is simple many do not know how to do that.

In this tutorial i have explained how you can easily find out your friends or other people on Kik Messenger.

In case you are new to kik you can know more about it from this video below.

There are many  methods that you can use to find your desired people. Here we show two steps.

Step 1 : Find Kik Messenger Users Using Username

There are two popular ways for this step. One, searching your friends with their usernames; Two, utilizing phone address book matching to discover friends on kik.

  1. Ask your buddies for their usernames and find them on kik. This way for finding users on kik makes the whole method easier.
  2. After getting your friends username, tap or click the talk to option. This will show you already added people on kik user list.
    Meet Kik Messenger Users
  3. Now, tap “Kik username” area. And type the username you are looking for or that you got from your friend.
  4. Now tap magnifying glass icon. This will populate the people with matching username you entered in search bar.
  5. Find and locate your friends id and send a message to her. She will be added to your contact list automatically.
    kik users3

Step 2 :  Find Kik Users Using Phone address book matcher.

  1. Now on the kik main screen, you have to open settings. You can do this by clicking the “gear” icon.
    kik users find5
  2. Chose chat setting.  But you have to click on privacy In case you are using a windows phone or blackberry.
  3. Now, you will find the “address book matching” on the top of the list of options. Click or tap on it and enable it.
  4. This feature scans your device contact book for the users they are on your contact list. Now enter phone number of the particular friend. If your friend uses kik then he will appear on screen shortly. You are about to complete this finding kik messenger users guide.
    kik6So, In this way you can easily meet new kik messenger users and chat with new people.

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