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Free Computer Virus Protection


Despite the latest updates in modern operating systems, new cyber security threats evolve targeting the conventional user’s right to privacy and safety. As a result of this, several users are facing severe consequences in terms of money, time and confidentiality. While several operating systems claim to be 100% secure against potential threats, there are infectious agents crawling through the internet capable of bypassing even the most securely interfaced OS.

In order to tackle the largely debated issue of data security over personal computers and networks, companies across the globe have designed and marketed antivirus programs capable of identifying threats and dealing with them in the most appropriate way.

While a huge section of people protest about the need for antiviruses as being irrelevant, pundits still believes it is a huge necessity to employing data security and privacy. Antivirus software helps prevent unauthorized modification of native programs and access of user data by external agencies. Data piracy and breaches can largely be eliminated using capable programs. Keeping in mind the interests of the common user, we provide our analysis on the free computer virus protection available for you.


  • Bit Defender Antivirus Free

Why to go for it?

  • Easy to set up with redundant configuration setting requirement.
  • Even works as a complete background process, employs a tiny notification pop up window.
  • Protection against a wide variety of malicious agents.
  • Futuristic Interface.

Why not to go for it?

  • Installation bugs encountered in malware infested systems.
  • Technical support restricted through email correspondence.


If you’ve ever dreamed of a silent and well equipped body guard for  your system well this is it. The seem-less operation and integration into the background makes this software seem near non-existent. Go for it if you think it’s the one for you.

  • Qihoo 360 Total Security

Why to go for it?

  • Very strong against malware infection
  • Online shopping protection, Windows update checker, clean up tool and several bonus tools offered
  • Subtle User interface

Why not to go for it?

  • Time Consuming Scanning Operation
  • Software liable to return false positives



This is one of those simple yet efficient free software available.

Heavy on the memory and time consuming but that’s the only price you pay for what provides very thorough protection against malicious agents.

  • Avast Free Antivirus

Why to go for it?

  • New network protection scan included using the smart scan feature.
  • Optimized user interface.
  • Additional bonus tools, scans missing patches.

Why not to go for it?

  • Not all bonus tools are free
  • Overall Protection is quite average
  • Comparatively heavy on system memory


If you need a free and easily available antivirus this is it.  Overall protection isn’t that great but it’s a good software and considering the features you get for free it’s not so bad.

According to Independent Lab test results and user experience it can be said that Bit Defender free antivirus has the best free virus protection from among the three.


We have seen software’s available which provide free computer virus removal but being free many advanced features are restricted. Several online sites offer virus protection download with companies like Microsoft offering their own software’s for windows virus removal. However complete protection can be provided only by Total/Internet security software which protects your computer from advanced attacks while browsing through the internet, against malicious sites. They offer more advanced functions as well.




  • Bit Defender Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • McAfee Internet Security




ANTIVIRUSFEATURE   Bit Defender    Kaspersky    McAfee
Parental Controls        yes        yes        yes
Online Backup        no        no        no
Antispyware        yes        yes        yes
Password Manager        yes        no        yes
AntiMalware       yes        yes        yes
AntiPhishing        yes        yes        yes
Firewall        yes        yes        yes
Social Network Protection        yes        yes        yes
File Shredder        yes        no        yes
Virtual Keyboard        yes        yes        no
Safe Browsing        yes        yes        yes
Auto Scan        yes        yes        yes
IM Protection        yes        yes        yes
WebCam Protections        no        yes        no
AntiSpam        yes        yes        yes

The above three are ranked in order of their features and results obtained from independent test analysis. Bit Defender certainly leading the chart with a large range of protection as highlighted.


Through above comparisons as a user it becomes self-resolved decision to choose what one feels best. Free Computer Virus protection or not, the key point is to protect one’s privacy from malicious agents and get the most out of a safe browsing experience.


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