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It is rated as one of the best anti-phishing software in the market, also awarded the best antivirus protection, its ability to detect malware is quite incredible, it does not hamper a computer’s performance, the detection levels of identifying threats is one of the best. It also features a automatic removal of removable media.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 license key

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It has certain qualities that lack in its competitors, firstly protection from viruses, secondly usability and pc performance friendliness, and lastly the accuracy with which it can label a threat as a virus or not, it has 100% accuracy in detecting malware, it goes beyond virus protection, it also has root-kit protector, screen locker, boot protect etc, it blocks spyware from multiplying and locks the network system to prevent the information from getting spread and your privacy protected, it has a comprehensive malware encryption system that the user can restore in case the file has been compromised.

It also has a virtual keyboard to protect from online hackers and features a online blocking of malicious sites if one tries to access them. The kaspersky has 24/7 online, email and phone protection to keep its users safe and secure with constant backup. It provides real time tracking of spyware and protection from threats, rectification of errors, automatic configuration, safe online transactions, and automatic update. It has a very minimum system requirement; common virus faced on many users is reported to Kaspersky lab which warns other active systems to block the same. It has a intuitive user interface and variable scanning systems according to user preference, it neutralizes threats very quickly and has a software error and threat detection system to allow or deny access from installation.

Key Features:

  • It has a great user friendly and easy interface
  • Real time security against Trojan, root-kit and viruses
  • PC application protection
  • Quick resolution to threats and errors
  • Warning about Malicious websites
  • Enhanced and stable computer performance
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk

How to download and install:

  • Click on the link below
  • Click on the start download icon or Right click to Save As
  • Run the setup.exe and install
  • Click on the full version icon and enter serial key as below, make sure the internet is switched off
  • Also switch off the Kaspersky protection programme and any other firewall
  • Enter codes from here for internet security | for antivirus here
  • Restart the computer and turn on the Software
  • You will receive a confirmation mail
  • Run the program



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