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Get Help with File Explorer in Windows 10

get help with file explorer windows10

File explorer, otherwise known as Windows explorer manages your files with an easy to use interface. Your files can be found throughout the file explorer; word files, images, downloads, everything that is on your computer can be found in the file explorer.
Opening the file explorer is quite easy, there is an icon on your task bar! (The icon bordered by red)


Getting Help with File Explorer in Windows 10


What is OneDrive? It is a free online storageonline storage that holds your files on your Microsoft account. This application is accessible by your PC, Tablet or your mobile phone.

Using it is extremely easy, you just have to drag and drop the file and it gets uploaded to your OneDrive folder!

The great thing about this OneDrive folder is that you can access them online at and they are saved on your PC which can be accessed while offline. Once you reconnect to internet your files are updated with the changes you made whilst offline.
There are different icons that show the status of your folders.

  • folder good This icon tells you that everything is good with your file. It is synced with the online version.
  • folder load This icon says that your file is in sync with the online file. It should be synced momentarily.
  • folder bad This icon means your file is out of date with the online file. There is a problem with your syncing.
    • In order to find the problem with this file, right click on OneDrive and select View Sync Problems. From there you should find what the problem is.

Quick Access

Quick Access does exactly as it says. It allows you access a file right away when you enter the file explorer. A collapsible list is shown underneath Quick Access where all your pinned folders can be found. In order to pin a folder to quick access, you must right click on that file and select Pin to Quick access. After you’ve done that you can find it right away in your file explorer underneath Quick Access.

To unpin a folder from quick access you just right click on the file in quick access and select Unpin from Quick access, it removes the folder right away from Quick access.

Sharing Files

You can share files within your computer to other users. The process is simple and allows you to send files in a short simple way.

  1. Select the file
  2. Click Share from the top right hand side. A box will come up asking to Choose the people you want to share this file with.
  3. Type the name of the user you want to share the file with and click add.
  4. Once the user name is added, click share and it sends the file right over!


You can use Cortana to search for your files, apps, settings, and just about anything within your computer it can help find it for you.

It also has the ability to find things on the internet. To access Cortana, go on your task bar settings and turn her on! If you have a microphone you also have the ability to ask Cortana questions with your voice instead of typing.

  • Cortana features: Reminders, questions, day planning, and if you create an event on your computer it will send it to your phone if you are signed in to the same Microsoft account on there.

The Windows 10 File explorer has offered so many new things for us to use for easier navigation of our PC.

Bonus: How to attach email in windows 10

  1. Click on “insert” option/tab/button which is located at the top of the email pane.
  2. Next choose your file and attach it. ( You will be able to attach files upto 25 mb depending on your Internet service provider.)


Image source: Dummies



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