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It is a one stop shop for optimizing the performance of you PC; it helps in clearing errors, boosting speeds and prevents the PC from hanging or freezing. It flawlessly repairs the system at the click of a button, undelete files, optimize boot and start up.

Glary Utilities pro

With Glary Utilities Pro you have a comprehensive package that understands user needs and complications of diagnosis and reporting, while other maintenance tools hinder the system with more errors and infer complex results that the user is unable to process, one click to troubleshoot is all what is required in this software to get concise, precise and user friendly output and results, it routinely does its job and is a award winning software for hassle free system diagnosis.


Key Features

The modules tab contains the “Clean Up & Repair”, ”Optimize and Improve”, “Privacy and Security”, “Files & Folder”, “System Tools”, each of this is designed to provide a protected and easy access to files on a computer. Also good for pc tuneup .

The one key maintenance tab takes care of Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, Start up Manager, Temporary files Cleaner, Tracks Eraser and Spyware remover, for periodic check of your system

Features of the Pro Edition:

  • Enhanced System Fixing : Better and deeper search of errors and threats
  • Developed Optimization : Faster and advanced optimization tools
  • Automatic Maintenance : Scheduling scans and cleaners in the background as per the user choice
  • 200 times faster cleaning and error reporting
  • Rated 5 star for securing and threat detection
  • Defragment more space into the drives
  • Tuner tab to alter all the utilities and settings according to users tastes and preferences
  • Maintains the system to top performance consuming little electricity

Glary Utilities pro key has a overall win proposition to it, when one does install it, not only you get a complete system package but also backed by the necessary support system which seamlessly integrates the end user friendly approach while quietly doing about its job, it has garnered over 200 million download as a preferred registry cleaner and threat detector of all maintenance software, of all that is present this one does it hit the sweet spot as a software of choice and ease in usability compiles with a comprehensive package of computer optimization, performance, cleaning, now this is a package that you cannot ignore. It is a nice software with fairly good rounded up package, which goes about doing its job without any hassles or niggles.


Glary Utilities 5.32 14.53 MB Download Now  >>>

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