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Check How Fast Your Internet Connection Is

Looking for the answer on how fast is my internet connection? These internet speed test steps lead you to check your computer, android or iOS internet speed.Checking internet speed is good for many things, if you are experiencing slow loading sites or you just want to check if your internet speed is same as you are paying for.

Before you start checking internet speed make sure that other background programs like download managers or torrent managers are turn off. Testing internet speed while these programs are running will show inaccurate results.

1. How to Check Internet Speed: Online methods

Best and quietest way how to check internet speed is directly on internet. There are services like that offers you one click speed test. and other similar services offers you to chose servers from speed test will be performed. The closest server to you will serve you with the best and most proper results.

How to check internet speed with (Internet Speed Test) will not only test your download speed but also upload speed and ping. so this one of the best websites to check internet speed online.

Step 1.  Go to

Step 2. Here you will be promoted with map of your region with available servers from which you can perform test.

Step 3. You can manually select from which server you can take test or by clicking “Begin Test” will automatically chose best server location.

Step 4. Test consists from 3 parts, first it starts testing ping, then download speed and at end upload speed

Step 5. When test is done you will be promoted with results.

Step 6. There results you can save or share via social network like Facebook, Google+ or send direct link to results to your friends.

2. Checking Internet Speed With Mobile App

If you are on Android, iOS or Symbian mobile device you also perform speed test. Here is the best way how to check internet speed on mobile devices.The most popular service for testing internet speed also offers mobile apps for Android, iOS and Symbian mobile devices.

This app is available on Play Store of Android, Apple’s App Store for iOS and Nokia’s Ovi Store for Symbian mobile devices. Simple searching for in stores will display the app. Install and run the app. Same as on the website you will be promoted to chose manually your location or server from which you want test to be performed or click “Begin Test” and app will automatically chose closest server to your for best results.

Same as on website, you can save speed test result. And share speed test results via social network like Facebook or Twitter or send links of results to anyone.

3. Check Internet Speed With System Tools

You can use build in system apps to check network and internet speed. Here are methods how to check internet speed with build in systems tools in Windows, OS X and Ubuntu.

Windows Task Manager in networking tab offers you to check current download and upload speed and total received data.In Ubuntu in Dash search for System Monitor, In Resources tab you can see network history chart, current download speed, total received data, upload speed and total data you have send.

Similar network activity, download, upload speed and total received and uploaded data in OS X offers Activity Monitor. You can use any of these 3 internet speed test ways to Check Internet Speed.

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