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How to Turn off Windows Firewall Quick

In this modern generation of technology, it won’t be inappropriate to say that Computers are the major assistant people use for their day-to-day errands. From paying the electric bill to chatting with a friend, computers paired with the Internet are involved everywhere.

Interestingly, about 60% of us don’t use the Internet at its full potential. There are often some services running in your computer blocking certain access to few websites or Portals. And Firewall is definitely one of them.

So, making exceptions each time the firewall blocks something can be a headache. So why not turn off the Firewall? Though this can be a bit of a risk about which you will read later on.

If you are in school you can read this guide on how to bypass school firewall.

But nevertheless, for the sake of this Tutorial, let’s jump right into the easy steps to disable the Firewall.

How You can Disable Windows Firewall In 1 Minute

STEP 1: Go to Start > Control panel > Windows Firewall.
In windows 8 or above, Go to Start > Windows Security > Windows Firewall.  
Or you can press “Windows” button and start typing “firewall”

disabling windows firewall by search

The Windows Firewall Window will open. By default, you will see that in the field of Incoming Connections, ‘Block all connections to apps that are not on the list of allowed apps’ is shown.

This means that the Firewall will block any application on your computer from gaining Internet access unless and until you tell the Firewall not to.

STEP 2: Go to Turn Windows Security on or off in the top-left corner of the window.turn windows firewall off

The Customize Settings window opens. In here, you can customize settings for both Private Network as well as Public Network settings.

STEP 3: Then select the Radio Button Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) both for Private Network and Public Network Settings.

By doing this you prevent the Firewall from monitoring your network connections anymore and thus, Firewall will stop Functioning and no more block applications from connecting to the Internet.

You are not done yet. Most of the people forget to do the following steps and thus, get it all wrong!

STEP 4: Go back to Windows Firewall Home Screen and now click on Advanced Settings > Windows Firewall Properties.

A window will open with four tabs. You will only need to modify settings on the first three tabs. Leave the fourth tab as it is.

STEP 5: Under the Domain Profile tab, change the Inbound Connections to Allow and hit Apply. Do the same for Private Profile Tab and the Public Profile Tab. After you click on Apply, remember to change the Firewall state to off and Click Apply again and this too for the other two tabs.

Now you have successfully turned off your Firewall. Enjoy and Cheers!

Advantages of Disabling the Firewall

  • Sometimes, it tends to happen that Firewall is blocking an application but you trust the application, so instead of making an exception, you can simply turn off the Firewall and in future you will never have to worry about making exceptions again and again.

Turing Windows Firewall off : Vulnerabilities 

As I already mentioned, turning off the Firewall can introduce potential risks to your computer. Below are some vulnerabilities to which your computer might be exposed after the Firewall has been put off.

  • Any application in your computer may connect to the Internet without you noticing and who knows if they do some malicious activities!
  • Viruses like Trojan and RAT are usually hidden form you but they do require a port forwarded in your network to connect to the host. But, the firewall can & will help you block the Port.

That was it for this article, buddies. I can guarantee you that if you follow all the above steps carefully; the Firewall will be turned off for sure.

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