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Increase Internet Speed And Download faster

Boost internet speed reading our how to increase internet speed easily.

Having a slow internet speed can be a bummer, slow loading web sites and being limited to low resolution online videos only can become frustrating over time.

While there is no simple one click or magic software that can increase internet speed for free, there are tips and tweaks on how to increase internet speed so it feels faster and more responsive.

Before you start with trying out tweaks and tips, make sure that you are getting internet speed that you paying for. This can be done with checking the internet speed and comparing it to speed you are paying for. You can check our article on how to check internet speed.

Here are some tips and tweaks on how to increase internet speed.


1. Check your Wi-Fi settings

If you are using wirelesses internet check the following things. Here is how to increase internet speed by tweaking Wi-Fi network setting.

Secure your network – Add password to your Wi-Fi network, your neighbor might be using your internet connection.

Change your Wi-Fi channel – If your Wi-Fi access point have same channel as other local Wi-Fi networks try changing it to different channel. This may increase Wi-Fi signal stability and lead to improving your speed.

Move your routers – Try moving your router closer to your computer, this will improve your Wi-Fi signal and leading to theoretically faster transfer speeds.

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2. Scan for viruses, malware and adware

In most cases viruses, malware and adware can have negative effect on your internet speed. Regularly scanning your computer with antivirus, malware and adware software in best tip on how to increase internet speed and also increase security with security software on computer.

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3. Clean browser cache

Over time large cache in your browser can cause slow browsing experience. Cleaning browsing cache on regular basic is good tip on how to boost internet speed.




4. Update your browser

Updating your browser to latest version will update compatibility with latest web standards and technologies used in creating web pages. Latest browsers are fully optimized and will load pages and content faster.


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5. Use compression

Some browsers like Opera offers compressed data transfer. This way data is compressed at Opera servers and then delivered to user. This compression lowers the size of web page and images and leading to faster loading time. This feature is available on all Opera browsers form Windows, Mac, Linux to Opera mini on mobile phones. Compression or “Opera Turbo Mode” is best way how to boost internet speed up to 50%. Similar compression tools are also available for Google Chrome and Firefox.



6. Use OpenDNS or Google DNS

DNS servers play significant role in your daily internet surfing. DNS servers from local providers are in most cases slow and by switching to other DNS you will feel instant difference. Switching to other DNS server is best way how to increase internet speed.

The most popular and reliable public DNS servers are OpenDNS server and Google’s public DNS server.

OpenDNS-Google-Public-DNS-and-BSNL-Broadband- DNS-Servers-response-times-chart


7. Check background internet usage

Other programs like Windows update may be downloading updates in background. This may significantly decrease internet speed. Using tools like NetLimiter you can determine application that are downloading files in background and limit their internet speed or turn them off.




Using and following these tips and tweaks on how to boost internet speed you can significantly improve your browsing experience and also lower your internet data usage if you are on limited data usage plan.

For faster Download speed we recommend Internet download manager.


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