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Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Key & Product Code

Get Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 key, Serial key, license key, activation code and review. Follow the steps and get free full version usage. Kaspersky anti-virus which is rated 92% as the best ten antivirus programs in toptenreviews is one of the best solutions available for your computer securities. Besides, Kaspersky not only release the computer anti-virus but also release Kaspersky Internet Security and other various internet securities for our comfort on online surfing. Maybe you will have a question in your head, what is the differences between the Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet security? In this article I will give you review about Kaspersky Internet security 2015 and if you want to read the review about Kaspersky anti-virus you may go to this link.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 key

Kaspersky Internet Security (often abbreviated to KIS) is developed by Kaspersky Lab to offer protections from internet threats such as virus, Trojan, even safeguard your privacy and personal information and also add extra security for your online banking and shopping. Kaspersky Internet Security’s first released is version 2007 (6.0)[i] and in 2015, it has reached its ninth year product release with serial version every year. Kaspersky Internet Security’s ninth year product release version called Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 ( Even if they put ‘2015’ for its name, but this software actually do not release in the upcoming 2015, In April 2014, a beta version of the 2015 product, build 463, was released, followed by a technical release preview, of the near-complete 2015 product. The first official release of the product was in Bangladesh in June 2014.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 activation code

Because of today’s modern and global era, people do online surfing with various reasons, system operation and also various modern gadgets (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc). Based on that, Kaspersky Lab provides internet securities software called Kaspersky Internet Security for three operating systems that most people is using now, they are Windows, Mac, and Android and there are also some various series that based on our multi daily need on internet protection.

The first one is Internet Security-Multi-Device which is one-license, multi-platform security solution that protects virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, Android smart phones and Android tablets. The other one is Kaspersky PURE 3.0 that concern on security for online banking and shopping and secures your money and your accounts against cybercriminals. The last internet security is

Kaspersky Password Manager prepare for active Internet user with fully automates the process of entering passwords and data into websites feature so that user easily creating and remember multiple password and data.

Kaspersky Internet Security Reviews

This software required or only work with windows XP, 7, 8.  If you use Mac or Android visit the link down the article.

Features and Benefits (some features are new features[i]):

  • Nice new user interface
  • Anti-camfecting

Capability to control PC installed applications access to web camera (external or build-in device) to give protection from cyber criminalists spying

  • Wi-Fi connection service

Assist to find out Wi-Fi network you want for connection on vulnerabilities and provide a safety connection tune-up tool in order to protect user during Wi-Fi connection processing

  • Performance Improvements

Small in size and lighter for your PC.

  • Unique safe money Technology

KIS 2015 suite for you who often or sometimes do online transaction such as online banking, shopping, and using online payment system like paypal,etc, because it provides additional layers that will protect you from any threats during your financial transaction.

  • Innovative Hybrid Protection

KIS 2015 offer protections even from the latest and newest threats so you do not have to worry about the future threats will cause big damage for your PC.

  • Identity & privacy safeguards

When do online surfing surely we sign up to many websites. If you forgetful person, you may want to keep you password and data. KIS 2015 uses the anti-phishing technologies, latest cloud data and a risk free keyboard system to keep your personal data from being stolen

  • Dangerous Website Alerts

While visit websites, we must be not know what virus could be treat our PC.  With this feature, KIS 2015 advises you of the safety of search result urls, and prevent phishing and malicious websites.

  • Advanced parental controls

This feature help parents to control their children while surfing the web, gaming, and enjoying social networks with filtering websites that indicates inappropriate contents.

  • Safe social networking

KIS 2015 Ensures your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts won’t receive malicious links or software from your friends.

If you need all your devices – windows, mac, android, tablet etc secured than you can evaluate this limited offer: New Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device – Protect 5 Devices for the price of 3


How to Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Key Free activation code

There are two types of download link I will give you, the trial and full version.  Here I will guide you until the license key payment finish and also I will give you the installation guide link.

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 free trial (simply enter your email and get the trial software for 30 days)
  2. To make your software full version so you get all the benefit of the software, click
  3. Choose price and time period
  4. Checklist the auto-renewal option. It will remind you by email when your product is going to expire and you will be billed automatically.
  5. If you prefer not to automatically renew KIS 2015 do not checklist the auto-renewal option
  6. After choose price you prefer, click buy now
  7. Your billing will appear. Your order number is in the top of the billing. For coupon code just empty it if you do not have it.
  8. move down and complete personal information form
  9. Checklist the agreement
  10. Click continue
  11. And the last choose your payment method. There are three methods, credit card, PayPal, and wire transfer (for some countries wire transfer I not available)

Picture Instructions





Just click continue and you will get your license key.


Kaspersky 2015 Internet Security serial key

After Kaspersky installation and activation, you will not be asked to restart your PC.

For further installation instruction click here.

Further Link

Here is the download link and Kaspersky for Mac and Android license key:

–          Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

–          Android Internet Security for Android

Or if you use multi system operations device you may download the other types that provides one-license protection virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, and Android by the link below:

–          Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device

For more information about other Kaspersky Lab software please be free to visit Kaspersky official website

If this Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 key work please let others know.

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