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norton antivirus coupon codesIn this articles, you will get your norton antivirus coupon code to activate Norton anti-virus 2015.  has already been seen grabbing the market for a long time since its dispatch in the global market. As a highly reputed product which has evidently proven its worth in the market, Norton is one of the most trusted of all anti-virus products. In recent years, there has been a fall in its popularity being unable to compete with its much stronger and capable counterparts.

It offers cloud technology to counter a wide variety of viruses. However with the oncoming of Kaspersky and Bitdefender, Norton anti-virus is losing its grip in the market. The new version of Norton launched as Norton Antivirus 2015 hopes to add an expectation to retain its losing popularity. The features provided by the Norton have already grabbed the attention of several users and has also been listed as the best anti-virus product so far developed by the Norton lovers.

Its new and improved cloud technology claims to be impenetrable to the likes of even the most venomous viruses. Malware is efficiently caught and it accommodates aggressive measures to eradicate the malware that cause trouble to the users. It offers a five patented layer of protection to the computer.

It is a highly effective and advised method to counter anti-spyware. It safeguards the browser and also blocks any anonymous users who try to spy on our personal details. It offers password protection to the confidential data of the user and prevents cyber theft of your information available on internet.

Norton provides parental control measures to shield their children from the hands of cyber misfits. It also provides a brilliant strategy to counter the obnoxious e-mails and also provide a safety guide by encountering the sites that can instigate virus to the computer. Skip to the end section for norton antivirus coupon codes

It also takes over the updating of important software that will provide you shelter from the latest malwares. Make sure that you update all the software to avoid the risk of attacks from new type of viruses. Norton anti-virus provides a better way to overcome certain new viruses but kindly make note that all the anti-virus available in the market have got its own limitations in countering all the malware. It offers auto-backup facility to the documents. Norton helps its user from social media spying. It prevent you from getting spied to a great extent. It also provides a smart firewall with added security to the existing features provided by Norton anti-virus.

To sum up the important features:

  • Cloud Protection
  • Parental Control
  • Spyware and Virus Control
  • Smart Firewall

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