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Best Free Online Virus Scanner | Scan Files for Malware

best free virus scanner The following Article is on 3 best online virus scanner reviews. Protection against viruses is becoming of increasing importance nowadays. Today’s online world demands that users be protected against all kinds of viruses, be it malicious files, online threats, phishing websites, financial frauds, or worms and backdoor programs looking to sneak in through email attachments.

In such a scenario, it often happens that a user receives a file. Should he open it? How safe is it really? His antivirus does not tag it as a threat, but he knows that sometimes there are false negatives from popular antivirus programs, so he wants to be sure.

Consider another scenario, where the system is acting slowly, but the antivirus software does not detect anything suspicious. How can the user be sure there is not a virus in such a case?

Fortunately companies offer services that allow users to scan their systems for viruses and malware, and offer to fix any problems encountered. Here are three of the most reliable online virus scanners:

BitDefender QuickScan | Most reliable online file scanner

This online virus scanner tool is a memory scanner. It requires a browser extension and a file to be installed on your computer. It also requires you to accept a license agreement. Then it performs a full-memory scan and tells you if you have got any hidden programs running in memory that are suspicious/malware/Trojans.

online virus scanner

It is beneficial to run this tool compared to antivirus programs as it runs from remote servers and so uses very little resources of your system. It also does not need to be updated because of its nature. It also results in minimal PC slowdown because of this.

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Because the online virus scanning is done on remote servers, the program generates hashes of files on your PC and uploads those hashes. The servers then scan the hashes, and reports clean or infected files. So the first time you run the scan, it can report a lot of unknown files, and is slower. It gets faster on subsequent scans.

However, it should be noted that this online virus scanner service is only effective against programs running in memory and programs running at start-up. It does not scan your hard drive, and so viruses that are inactive will not be detected. One more important thing to add is that this utility is not capable of cleaning infected files, because it has to be fast. That is why it should not be considered as a substitute for antivirus software, but rather as a “bonus add-on”.

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BitDefender QuickScan will work with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

Try out Bitdefender QuickScan: Visit Website

ESET Free Online Scanner | 2nd in Top online file scanner List

This online virus scanner or online file scanner tool runs on Internet Explorer, otherwise you have to download an installer, and then the scanner is opened in a new window.

online file scanner

Once you run the scanner, it asks you to agree to an end-user license agreement and install an ActiveX control. After that it downloads the latest virus signatures, and starts the scan. The good thing about this scanner as compared to Bitdefender is that it also allows the user to fix the detected threats.

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The main benefits of using this online virus scanner is that no formalities or downloads are required. Just run the scanner, install the extension, and you are ready to scan. No need for registration or paying anything to anybody. It’s all free. ESET however recommends that after the scan, the user should install their Smart Security product for better protection against malware in real-time.

Once the scan is performed, it can be prompted to remove the installed files and extensions from the computer. If you prefer to uninstall them manually, you could run the uninstaller found in the System32 directory, or through the Control Panel.

System requirements for this tool are: Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7; IE6 or later/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari; 15MB of disk space; 32 MB of RAM.

Try out ESET’s utility: Visit Website

Virustotal | Online Malware Scanner

This Online Malware Scanner tool is a single-file and URL scanner.  It allows you to upload your files on their website, with a maximum file size of 128 MB, or provide a URL on which to scan for viruses and suspicious activity.

online malware scanner

Once you supply a file on the website for malware scanner, the service scans for signatures of viruses on the file reported by antivirus providers, and then provides a ratio of good: bad results.

The site also provides a service in which you can enter a URL, and the site reports what popular antivirus providers on the site’s status; i.e. clean, unrated, suspicious, or malicious.

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VirusTotal also supports scanning through e-mail. Send your file by email to with “SCAN” in the subject field and you’ll receive a back email with the results.

The benefit of using this service is that you don’t have to download anything on your computer at all. Also, the site keeps records of previously scanned websites. To save time, you could view what the reports of the site said when it was last scanned.

However, uploading your file means you may have to wait if your file is large and you have a slow connection. Also, this online virus scanner service does not offer any options to fix an infected file.

Try out VirusTotal: Visit Website


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