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windows 10 security settings

Windows 10 has a security settings section. You can change your permissions, edit access from other users, and do many other things. To do those actions, you can read the other article about how to change your windows 10 security settings, this article just goes over what you see within the security settings on windows 10.

Camera permissions

Under this section you can find the permissions for your camera. This allows you to toggle the ability for an app to access your computer’s camera without your permission.


With the same idea as the camera permissions, you can toggle if you want your computer to allow applications to see your location.


This is the permission for your microphone. Sometimes you will need to access your microphone to maybe record a voice message or talk to Cortana, here is where you can toggle that on or off.

Speech, inking & typing

Cortana and Windows start to find patterns in the way you speak and how you write to make suggestions for your writing and speaking. You can turn this off by selecting ‘Stop getting to know me’

Account info

Here is where you can allow other apps to access your name, picture, and other account info.


Your contacts might need to be accessed if you want to send an email or something, here is where you can restrict that access from apps.


Apps sometimes need to access your calendar to maybe post an appointment or date for you, you can toggle it off here.


You can send messages and read them off your device. Some apps might read them or be able to send messages. You can turn it off from here.


Some applications have the need to use Bluetooth to send and receive information from your device. You can restrict the ability for apps to control radios.

Other devices

  • Sync with Devices

This allows an app to automatically share and sync information with devices that don’t pair with your PC, tablet or phone. You possess the ability to turn that ability for an app to do this function off from underneath the heading.

  • Use trusted devices

This allows your apps to only use devices you’ve trusted to use your computer.

  • USB Mass Storage Device

You can allow other apps to use your USB Mass Storage Device or restrict it from their access.

Restricting these settings can sometimes affect your apps from communicating with you and/or other devices, be careful how you tinker with these settings.

Feedback frequency

You have 2 options on this page. The first one asking when Windows should ask for your feedback, there are 5 options to select: Automatically, always, once a day, once a week, and never. Automatically is recommended to use. The second option is for Diagnostic and usage data; allowing your data to be sent to Microsoft. The recommended option is full but the other 2 options are basic and enhanced.

Background apps

You can restrict which apps can receive information, send you notifications, and stay up to date without being in use. Restricting these apps can help you save power.

Hope you were informed on this article about Security Settings for windows 10!

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