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Xilisoft iPod Rip is a application made for transferring files between windows and Apple devices. The user interface is represented by a intuitive and defined layout, where the data found in your Apple device is automatically syncs at initialization. The front panel shows the current capacity and available space in the device, along with the size occupied Then, it shows the type, version, and space, serial number and format of the files on the  device, aside from the total number of  songs, movies, photos, gifs and e -books.

Xilisoft Ipod ProXilisoft iPod Rip is as excellent tool as a software program can be. One can enjoy the advantages of this amazing software program with a click of the mouse button or a touch of the screen through their iPod Touch that they possess. This software is extremely user integrated and recommended for amateurs as well as the experienced users.

One can view the audio and video list in a small, built-in media player and take snapshots, share them, send links to social media sites copy them to the Apple device, PC or iTunes, create and manage and edit playlists, assign the user ratings, fill in missing artwork of your choice, view file properties, and edit metadata; the latter option allows you to fill in details for multiple tracks at once, as long as they share particular fields.

Aside from the feature that we have already seen Xilisoft iPod Rip offers  transferring voice memos, the camera roll of a camera and photo stream, musical ringtones, contacts (to HTML or TXT), and text  messages (to CSV, vCard, VCF), applications and notes of any form.

One can edit program settings on the go, you can change the User interface skin and language, and design and layout, default snapshot is allocated for folder and format (JPG, BMP, PNG),it also prevents standby/sleep while using the battery, as well as edit proxy settings and setup local network parameters, among others.

Key Reasons:

  • The Software directly installs  into iPod device so users can rip, copy, and transfer files without the necessity of iTunes
  • Share files between iPod, PC, Iphones, and iTunes
  • Manage many iPods and iPhones at the same time
  • It uses very little amount of CPU and System memory, it enhances idle processing performance
  • It has a excellent response time and takes a very short time to complete a task, whether one is talking about a simple metadata editing process, or data transfer.

Xilisoft iPod Rip is one easiest, simplest and fastest way for users to copy and transfer files between iPod, iPhone, PC and iTunes.

How to Download and Install Xilisoft Ipod Pro:

Download link 1

Dwonload link 2

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